Sizing GUIDE

Each waist bead is made especially for you, tailored for your body, so it is important that a correct measurement is provided when ordering your waist beads. To make things a little easier, we've put a sizing guide together for you. 


Where will you wear your waist beads?

When measuring for your waist beads, it is important to know where you'd like your waist beads to sit. Above your navel? At the naval? Sitting on the hips? Be sure to measure your bare waist exactly where you'd like to see the beads for best results.


Be sure to submit a current measurement of your waist and do not rely on another company's sizing. If you do not already own one, you can likely find a tape measure at your local dollar store, department store, or print one out online for free. You can also ask to be measured at your nearest lingerie shop. 

No sucking in!

Be sure not to suck in when measuring. It is important to get the most accurate measurement for comfortable fitting beads. Be sure to get a snug, but not tight, fit of the measuring tape on your body. Keep in mind that your beads will fit exactly as the measuring tape does against your body.

Got your measurement? Great! now take it again.

No, seriously. Accuracy is key for the best fitting waist beads. Once you think you've found your waist measurement, take it again. It doesn't hurt to be sure and we want your beads to fit perfectly just as much as you do. Stand up straight, be sure your tape measure is leveled, and remember to measure in inches.