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elizabeth altidorComment

So here's the thing, I. love. throw pillows!
I mean, second to my obsession with plush towels would have to be my love for throw pillows. The only issue is they are commonly overpriced (and I don't like overpriced). So of course, when I decided to re-do my attic space, I knew I had to make my own. I decided to make a faux fur throw pillow to start and it turned out to be just as easy as it is cute! 

Check out my tutorial and diagram below!
Disclaimer: This tutorial requires access to a sewing machine

Faux Fur Fabric (1/2 yard)
Sewing Machine
Measuring Tape
Poly-fil (or old throw pillow)

*I purchased my fabric from Joann's (using coupons) for just over $10 with excess fabric for another project or pillow. I already had poly-fil but it can be purchased from Walmart or Joann's from $5+ depending on the size of your pillow. Joann's ALWAYS has coupons and if you sign up for their mobile coupon alerts you'll get an additional 20-25% off your purchase. 

Total Project Price: ~$15



Decide how large you want your throw pillow. (I knew I wanted mine square and on the larger side so I will be using 20" x 20" fabric squares in this tutorial).

1. Measure and cut your fabric to the desired size, leaving about 1 inch of excess fabric around the edges for the inseam. When dealing with faux fur fabric, be sure to brush the fur away from your cut line and cut as close to the base of the fabric as possible. This will ensure you are not trimming the fur as you cut (if you do, it will be slightly visible later).

Your fur fabric will probably come with a stitch down the edge. (It's what kept the fabric from shedding all over the store). Make sure to begin measuring at that line as you will cut that off later. 

2. Place your fabric pieces together with the fur facing inward and pin the edges. Be sure to tuck in the fur as you pin and leave a 5-6 inch opening where you will stuff your poly-fil later. 

3. Depending on your inseam size, you may need to trim some fabric off of your pillow at this point. (I chose to do a 1/2 inch inseam to skip this step).

4. Cut the corners of your pillow. 

5. Flip your pillow inside out and stuff with poly-fil. (If you have an old pillow that you don't care for anymore, you can use it's stuffing instead of purchasing poly-fil). It's always great to be resourceful!

6. Tuck in the edges of the opening and sew shut using a running stitch, pulling as much fur away from the stitches as possible. (See diagram above for running stitch). Remember, the closer the stitches, the better. Double knot your thread. 

& Voila!
There you have it. A DIY Faux Fur Throw Pillow!

& for under $16!