My Hair... My Way

My Hair... My Way

I hope that title didn't come off too strong... but I also hope it made it's point. 

A little over five years ago I decided to join the natural hair movement. I chose to become natural because I wanted to improve the health of my hair. Having finally grown my hair past my shoulders, I cut my hair down to three inches all around (the amount of hair I had grown during my transition period). Cutting my hair was a very emotional process for me. I hated my new length, and I hated that I let go of what I worked so hard and long for. It was almost like a breakup I just wasn't ready for and I spent days mourning my loss.

During my time natural, I learned all the ins and outs of proper hair care. From co-washes and bantu knots to homemade deep conditioners and naturally grown substances not just great for your hair, but for your skin and nails too. Becoming a natural wasn't just about hair care, it eventually became a wholistic lifestyle. 

Now lets fast forward to 7 months ago when I relaxed my hair again.

Yes... I know, "why would she ever???"

It was a decision I had been debating for a few years now. After trying countless hair products, I learned that my hair tangles and knots very easily and detangling often caused damage and breakage. I couldn't manage to keep my hair curly for more than two days without it being a hot mess, and I began having trouble keeping up with the lengthy routines. For these reasons, I began straightening my hair and of course what resulted was heat damage. I then kept debating which was the lesser of the two evils, heat or chemicals and I finally made the decision.

Since being relaxed again, having being natural for 5 years, I have been stretching relaxers so that I only treat my hair 3-4 times a year, keeping my hair manageable but not over-processed, I have kept all my natural hair routines, and I love my hair now more than ever! 

I learned that everyone's hair is different, and what worked for the hundreds of naturals I would sit home and watch on YouTube all day, didn't always work for me. It took a lot for me to make the decision to relax again, but I'm glad I did what works best for me. 

Here's some of what does: